Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Along with the kettlebell program we are also offering the Advocare nutritional program.

There are 4 lines of products:
Trim: solutions for healthy weight management
Active: for vibrant energy and on-the-go nutrition
Well: nutrition for a healthy, balanced lifestyle
Performance Elite: Advanced sports nutrition.

We will feature the 24 day challenge; the firs ten days is a cleanse pack, for flattening your stomach, breaking food cravings and getting rid of toxins.
The next 14 days add energy, control appetite, help with weight loss and fuel up with core nutrition.

Lanny and I are taking the 24 day challenge, and are looking forward to having more energy and feeling rejuvenated!!!
If you are interested let me know and we will link you to Tera who can give you more details.
563-880-0404/wkuhse @alpinecom.net

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